What We Do

Vice Reversa was founded to create truly innovative products that target specific skin concerns. Our distinctive Microneedle Technology is optimised to deliver the most beneficial ingredients exactly where they are needed.

We think we’ve created the ultimate beauty products. Each patch packs the maximum density of perfectly pyramid-shaped microneedles, infused with the right amount of the right ingredients for the target zone – and nothing else. 

That’s the beauty of Precision Skincare.


Discover Microneedle Technology


Like many of the best ideas in skincare, Microneedle Technology comes from the medical world. It was first developed as a way to vaccinate people more efficiently and painlessly, with no need for syringes or trained injectors – a win-win, in our books.

Unsurprisingly, at Vice Reversa we got very excited about the possibility of applying the technology to cosmetics. We developed the idea with Korean beauty scientists, wanting to create precision skincare in the true sense of the word and offering highly targeted solutions to some of your most vexed skin concerns.

We’re not talking microneedling or ‘derma’rollers here. Our tech centres around dissolvable microneedles, tiny pyramid-shaped structures, mounted in their hundreds onto patches. Each microneedle is made of active skincare compounds in precise doses, crystallised with a biodegradable sugar-like substance. We don’t claim that skincare is medicine – but as with medicine, the right substance in the right dose, delivered to the right place will bring noticeable improvement.


How the Patches Work?

As we like to say, the magic starts when the tingle begins. Each patch (precision-shaped for its target area) is removed fresh from its recyclable tray (that’s why we don’t need any preservatives) and peeled from its film backing, then applied directly over the area of concern.

Each ‘pyramid crystal’ on the patch is about a third of the width of a human hair. Press down to help the microneedles penetrate the outer skin layer - push some Velcro against your arm and that’s about the extent of the slight prickly sensation you might feel. This tells you the little structures have been activated and are starting to dissolve inside the epidermis, where skin cells are made. They will melt entirely within two hours, leaving the concentrated fluid free to deliver its active ingredients precisely where they are needed to be effective.


Why Microneedle Technology over regular serums or creams?

What can be so wrong with creams, serums and other topical products?

Nothing – except that it takes a lot for a lotion of any kind to get its active ingredients past the stratum corneum, the skin’s outermost layer of dead skin cells and lipids whose function it is to keep out all comers. That means viruses and pollutants – but, unfortunately, also beneficial skincare compounds.

Creams need sophisticated delivery systems, penetration enhancers and carriers like oil and water (which dilute the formula) for any of their actives to get through to the epidermis. If not, they stay firmly atop your skin, not achieving much at all. And this, sadly, is the case for a lot of topical creams.

Our microneedles are our delivery system. Painlessly punching through that brick wall-like stratum corneum, nothing of the active formula is lost as it dissolves in the epidermis and can even seep into the dermal layers where plumping collagen and resilience-giving elastin are generated. 

Vice Reversa patches are clinically proven to penetrate and deliver their ingredients through to the epidermis.


All Patches are not Equal

Using cutting-edge technology under stringent medical conditions, our unique serums are crystallised into teeny microneedles, then densely packed onto medical grade patches made of hydrocolloid, a silicone-like but entirely biodegradable material that readily sticks to skin (but also peels off easily once you’re done with it).

Each tiny microneedle is pyramid-shaped to optimise performance. The sharp end ensures a clean penetration without any skin trauma while the sleek shape ensures maximum product is delivered into the skin layers.


Precision-Targeted Solutions

Whether you are trying to stop a brewing spot in its tracks or want to plump out fine lines in the delicate skin under your eyes, we know what gold-standard ingredients you need.

Our unique serums are formulated with the most advanced actives and are designed to hone in on your specific problems. Our formulas fuse the best ingredients from science and nature and leave out anything that doesn’t serve skin. Plus, they’re vegan.

What’s Out

Our patches are free from fragrance, sulphates, phthalates, parabens and other preservatives.


What’s in Spot Stoppa       

Salicylic acid, green tea extract and totarol for nuking spots.


What’s in Eye Rejuvenator


Mega-concentrated hyaluronic acid and peptides to smooth wrinkles. 


Where did the idea for VICE REVERSA come from?

There’s a reason why K-Beauty is a global phenomenon. Driven by the uncompromising demands of Asian beauty consumers and built on the creativity and innovation of Korean beauty tech, Korean skincare has a ‘Why Not?!’ ethos that has generated skin-transforming possibilities previously unheard of. Skincare, it’s fair to say, is the better for it.

Having long had a business relationship with relatives of the original inventor of medical microneedle patches (yes, a Korean), Arthur, one of Vice Reversa’s founders, was passionate about finding a way to bring the genius technology into the beauty space. Working with leading Korean scientists, he saw past potions and lotions to develop a whole new way of treating skin, painlessly, precisely, deeply and without trauma, irritation or congestion.


Why hope for creams to penetrate the skin?

What’s wrong with precision-guiding your skincare instead of slapping it all over?

Who said you can’t defy skin’s protective barrier to deliver active ingredients?